Privacy Policy

GroupMailer's privacy policy is simple, we don't violate your privacy. We don't store private information of yours just for the purpose of having it.


When you send emails through GroupMailer, we only store the basic record of how many emails you sent, the number of recipients for that email, and when you sent it. We do not store any of the content of the email, the body, the subject, or the recipients. Any uploaded files are processed through the browser, meaning we never even store your files. Everything is safe and private.

Google Information

When it comes to the Google account you sign in with, we only store your email address and a token that allows us to make sure you're signed in when you want to be. We reach out to Google's servers every time we need any other information, such as your name or to send the actual emails. This ensures we don't save unnecessary information while we stay up to date with your Google settings.

Billing Information

When it comes to billing, Stripe handles all of your sensitive data. We simply store an ID that Stripe creates to make sure that you are able to reuse a credit card you've used in the past. Beyond that, everything else is encrypted using industry standard encryption and nothing else is stored on our servers.